Are you looking to do more of what you love in 2021?  If you love floating, then have we got a deal for you! 

~ $39 per month, automatic charge to your credit card for your first float of the month (save $10 from our regular membership)
~ $39 for additional floats in the month (pay at the desk)
~ $5 off our tandem float 
~ bring a friend to float and they float for $49 (save $10)
~ free float for your birthday, as long as your membership is active
~ 10% off our retail selection (we have some fantastic wrap bracelets on sale right now)
The catch?  
The membership is for a minimum 6 month term and will continue until you tell us to cancel it.    
This membership is not for anyone who is looking to stay stuck, sore and miserable for the next year.

 Regular users may experience increased happiness, less emotional baggage, a better feeling body and a healthy glow that is undeniable.  
Sale ends January 31/2021.  Visit our “Store” tab to purchase online.

Floating is so much more than relaxation, meditation, and pain relief.  It is also about getting in touch with your inner guidance, learning how to surrender, being vulnerable, being present in your body, and investing in your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

Float therapy is a place where you can calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul. Many people fall in love with floating after just one experience in the tank – we sure did!

People are drawn to float therapy or floating to find relief from physical pain, stress relief, relief from anxiety, comfort during pregnancy tap into personal insights and creativity or simply to enjoy some peace and tranquility. Floating is likely the most relaxing thing you have ever done.

Check out our YouTube page here with our video editions of Float Facts and Tips from the Tank.

Bliss Float Centre is Kamloops’ only Float Centre.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with your floating experience. Come and experience nothing with us!